Process Explorer - Overview

The Process Explorer is accessed from the Process Model form by selecting the ‘Explore Model’ Related Link.   This is only active if the model has previously been successfully processed.   Upon selecting this link, the Process Explorer will open and retrieve the event log and related data generated within the Process Model.   The following visualisation will appear;



Gauges represent metrics associated with the data displayed in current diagram and sliced and/or filtered data

Within the Process Diagram, you’ll see the Activities and Steps associated with the Variant Selector.

The Expansion Panes provide Visuals (to display detailed data related to variants, activities and steps shown in the Process Diagram, Slicers (to select a sub-set of the data for display), Filters (to filter the underlying event log), Model statistics , and a Settings pane to change the look and feel of the diagram.

The Sliding Panel can be used to expand the Expansion Panel panes when required