Process Explorer - Compliance

The Process Diagram can be used to indicate which steps are compliant within a process.   Right-mouse clicking a step (link between nodes) will display a context menu (shown below);






Non-Compliant Variant

Tasks associated with variants in current process diagram containing the selected step will be marked as non-compliant, as will tasks associated with steps for the variants marked as non-compliant.      Typically only used if 1 variant is displayed

Compliant Variant

Reverses non-compliant variant action

Non-Compliant Variant Step

Only tasks associated with the specific step selected, and variants currently displayed, will be marked as non-compliant

Compliant Variant Step

Reverses non-compliant variant step action

Non-Compliant Step

All tasks in the data related to the selected step will be marked as non-compliant, regardless of the variant

Compliant Step

Reverses compliant step action